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At this time of year Bangkok's temperature is around 24 degrees Celsius (86 degrees Fahrenheit) every day, which is quite cool, but we see blue skies almost every day. October weather signals the start of the dry season, while the monsoon in Bangkok is slowly easing. The weather for Bangkok in December will be the driest in years, as monsoon rains will end in mid-December and give way to a dry phase in the second half of December and the first half of January. At the same time, the rainy season is already underway in Thailand, with a few days of rain in October and November and then plenty of dry weather in December.

The sunshine is very good during the monsoon season (June - September), which is characterized by several cloudy periods, and the average low temperature is 21.7 ° C. As far as the weather in Bangkok is concerned, the busiest month of December is winter, but winter is usually a period of dry weather with a few days of rain in October and November. The cold season is from November to January, when Bangkok has pleasant weather. This is the least hot of the rainy seasons, so the best time to visit Bangkok is between December and mid-February, when the sky is clear, which is at least half the hot rainy season.

The daytime temperature reaches 31 degrees Celsius during the day, while it drops to 21 degrees Celsius at night. During the rainy season, temperatures range between 18 and 32 degrees Celsius, although it can be quite cool in the winter months with an average low temperature of 18.7 degrees Celsius and a daily temperature of 21.5 degrees Celsius.

Some may find it too humid at this time of year in Bangkok, as the temperature normally settles between 26 and 33 degrees, although one can expect 180 mm of precipitation over the course of 19 days, much rainier and colder than in Berlin. Highs and minimum temperatures for Bangkok in July and September are 89.6 and 91.4 degrees respectively, but the temperatures are still too hot to reach over 90 degrees.

The weather in Bangkok is very friendly in December and offers good conditions for tourist discoveries in December, but remember that this is the lowest temperature of the year. Although temperatures hardly vary from month to month, seasoned tourists believe that October to February is probably the best time to visit Bangkok. It remains warm on average with a daily maximum of 32.4 degrees, and it is this time that tourists come here. However, you should avoid March, April and May as these are the hottest times of the year for Bangkok, as they are among the lowest times of the year due to the high humidity and high temperatures.

Depending on the itinerary, the best time to visit Thailand is to visit its cultural sites, but the dry season is divided into two periods: November and January, when the weather is mostly dry and cool monsoon breezes blow, and March and May, when northern Thailand experiences slightly higher relative temperatures. The best time to travel is November to January, when temperatures are relatively mild in winter and rainfall is negligible. December, January and then February are the driest months in Bangkok, which is the time of year when it is best suited for touring.

The hottest season from February to April is the rainy season from May to September, and the driest from January to March, where there are nine wet days in January. The dry season follows from March to May, with the most rainfall between May and October. There is a slight anomaly on the islands of Koh Chang and Koh Kood, located on the eastern side of the Gulf of Thailand and experiencing the rainy season from May to October, but showers are expected throughout the year as this is one of our wettest areas within the country. December and January are also dry, although February has nine dry and one wet days.

Those looking for a hot summer will not be disappointed by the humid weather, but April and May are one of the steamiest times in Bangkok, with high humidity that can feel quite unpleasant. The average daily temperature in Bangkok is around 30 degrees Celsius (the same as in August) in June and is usually around -30 degrees Celsius (about + 30 degrees Celsius). The heat and humidity are expected to soar during these months, and April to May is the hottest month in terms of temperatures with the highest humidity levels.

The temperature in Bangkok remains fairly constant throughout the year - during the day it can reach 33 degrees, at night it drops to -25 degrees. GradeC. The amount of rain the city receives varies from year to year, but we have never had endless days without rain. Bangkok is prone to a few days of intense rain, which often lasts from July to September in and around Bangkok. This certainly does not happen every year. And Bangkok has been very lucky in terms of the amount and intensity of rainfall in recent years.

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