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Playing sports is not always the first thing that comes through your mind when you think of Bangkok, Thailand. Thailand is a hot country, so, contrary to first thoughts, sport may not be something you want to do.

So many millions of people visit Thailand every year, stay in Bangkok, search for the best hotel for their trip or join a tour group. People love the tempting cuisine and the never - have - one - night - out - in - Bangkok atmosphere. That's pretty much the rule when it comes to visiting one of the world's most popular tourist destinations, Bangkok. The club attracts many tourists visiting Thailand, which makes it a great place to meet people from all over the world.

Of course, you can also skate on the ice in Bangkok and even take part in some of the city's most popular sporting events, such as the Olympic Games in Thailand. There are a number of other sports events in Bangkok that you can attend if you choose the best hotel while staying in Bangkok.

If motorcycle racing is your thing, then cancel the Thailand MotoGP in Buriram, Thailand, which is a three-year commitment.

When Thailand is hot, you have to get used to the extreme heat before you try to play here, but if you find a suitable place for water sports in Bangkok, then head to the Thai Wake Park in the city. Tennis lovers will certainly enjoy all the ITF (International Tennis Federation) matches scheduled for this year at itF International Tennis, and some Bangkok districts also have outdoor courts. If you are a tennis player, you will also find sports facilities where you can train and tennis clinics designed to bring promising young Thai talents to an international level.

If you want a fun badminton game, go to the Lumphini Park, where you can play in the youth centre. The Racquet Club caters to expat backgrounds, and if you need help, they have a bad minton coach. What started as a horse club has developed into a tennis club, basketball and golf club and other sports facilities.

What started out as a club for expats from New Zealand and Australia has grown into a popular sports club for Thai locals and expats from around the world. What many more people are slowly beginning to realize is that the country of Thailand is also home to some of the most popular street sports in Thailand, such as basketball, badminton, tennis and football. You will find a list of the major sporting events taking place in all countries, as well as sporting events taking place in Bangkok in all seasons, including a fascinating range of fun and challenging activities. The most popular street sport in Bangkok can be reduced to three, with other activities to get you exercising in your neighborhood.

Thailand is the most popular sports destination in Asia, and Bangkok itself has some of the best sports facilities in Asia. There are many sports to do in Bangkok, but four of the most popular are badminton, tennis, ice skating and bowling. Bowling is a great sport, as long as you can borrow the equipment you want and buy new socks. If you hate the heat, it's even possible to do so indoors, with a variety of indoor and outdoor bowling alleys in town.

I have several Thai friends who play badminton religiously and seem to be pretty good at it, so keep an ear for them. Virtually every district in Bangkok has one or two hard-court football pitches, and some people, including neighbors on the street, even build their own tennis courts. You will see them play in every district of Bangkok, but some of them are even built by the people themselves.

This is especially true for hotels adjacent to the BTS Skytrain, such as VIE Hotel Bangkok, which is just steps from Ratchathewi Station. With the Skytrain nearby and luxurious facilities, there are many good reasons why anyone who loves sports or just wants to get fit would choose Vie as one of the best hotels in Bangkok.

Old Bangkok Bangers Rugby Club, also founded by a group of Australian expats, offers a rugby team for league experience at all levels. Expats interested in football will enjoy the opportunities offered by the Thai Football League and Bangkok Football Club, as well as a number of other local clubs.

Fitness activities are very popular - Gangnam-style aerobics classes work outside the mall, badminton games in the alleyways don't bother when motorcycles pass by, and I've even seen a Muay Thai fighter with a punching bag on the footpath. But it is the British Club that offers so much more than sport - its wide range of sports makes it a great place for newcomers to the city to make friends and meet people from all over the world.

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