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The historic city of Ayutthaya is the largest city in the world and attracts travelers. The latest incident occurred in relation to an elephant trampling on the outskirts of the city in front of a large number of tourists.

Bangkok's temples also offer amazing examples of Thai art and plenty of space in central Bangkok. Bangkok also has some of its strangest sights, where you can see a number of strange animals such as elephants, lions, tigers, elephants and even a few elephants.

The Bangkok Art and Cultural Centre gives a great insight into modern Thai culture, but there are some limitations. Not all displays are world class, and there is no limit to the number of different types of artworks that are available for viewing.

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Even if you are in Bangkok, isn't it nice to be reminded of all the glittering temples and ancient buildings with their glorious predecessors? Take a stroll through Bangkok's streets or ride the BTS and see Thai culture in action. When you are so far in Bangkok (built in 1782), you can follow in the footsteps of the glorious and past eras. Get our Bangkok Art Map And you should definitely explore the small art galleries of Bangkok or just look around.

As in many parts of Asia, Thailand today has elements of the Wai, which are characteristic of Thai culture. It is clear from this that this culture is one of the most important and influential in the history of Thailand and the world. The culture of ancient Thailand is culturally linked to the cultures of China, India, Japan, Korea, and even the United States, and has influenced all of these culturally - bordering Thailand.

Thai culture appreciates the idea that everything goes smoothly, and that is the general impression that most tourists have of Thailand, but also of the expatriates and even of the Thais themselves who live in Thailand. This is because of the Thai smile, which is famous and indispensable for Thai etiquette. Thai smiles are shown whenever they can, and they are very good at presenting smiling faces around the world, which certainly suggests that everything is fine.

Same-sex touching is more common in Thailand than in many other Asian countries. Thailand is an important center of Buddhism in Southeast Asia, and this religious heritage is embodied in the throng of temples in the city. Although there are many worthwhile Buddhist temples in Bangkok that are suitable for tourists, Wat Pho is one of the most iconic. The same is true of the alpine garden, where early birds can catch a glimpse of monks gathering the alpine pasture, a symbol of respect and respect for Buddha and his teachings, and also a reminder of Thailand's cultural heritage.

Many traditions and beliefs of the Thai people stem directly from Buddhist principles, but Hinduism has also made an important contribution to Thai culture. In March, the Delhi Namaste Thailand Festival is organized by the Royal Thai Embassy and shows the Indians many aspects of Thai culture. The close ties between Thailand and India are evident in many ways, not only in cultural and religious aspects, but also in their political and economic relations.

The Klong Tour is a great opportunity to really live in a place like Bangkok and experience Thai culture from a different perspective.

This is a fantastic intro to Thai culture And I suggest that anyone visiting Thailand take this opportunity to show you some cultural points you should know before embarking on the journey of a lifetime in Thailand. I am not in any way trying to stereotype any Thais that you might meet, but you cannot explain the diversity of Thai society. Remember, there is no Thailand, you will arrive and you are just as much a part of it as the people around you. A visit to Bangkok will leave you enthralled by the culture and it is not only a great introduction to the country, but also a wonderful experience.

In Thailand, the head of the Thai is considered sacred and may never touch, pass over or tread on an object. Reading goes far beyond that, including everyday items depicting the king and disfiguring the Thai baht. It is also considered rude to take any similarities with him in Thailand, and you never touch it in Thai.

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