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Here is a two-part video that shows some of the best things to do in Bangkok, especially historic Bangkok. In this article I will highlight some things that can be done in Bangkok in just a few days to save time and money here and there.

If you are travelling to the capital of Thailand in the near future, you should take this list of activities in Bangkok with you. Look out for some fairly random and free things to do around Bangkok, such as the "Do 41 Good Things in Thailand" list. If you like to see jewellery, you should also be on the lookout for "41 of the best things" in Bangkok. Having just one day in Bangkok is a must - visit cultural and iconic Thai attractions for every tourist.

If you want to experience the best of what Bangkok has to offer, or if you want to skip organized Bangkok, then you should take the 3-day Bangkok Explorer tour. In this huge city guide you will find many other local activities in Bangkok. To help you imagine where all the good places you can visit are, we have created a tourist map of Bangkok that lists everything we have talked about in our guidebooks.

The Chao Phraya River is Bangkok's lifeblood, snaking through Bangkok and finally pouring into the bay of Thailand. It is a busy waterway, which offers a great opportunity to see Bangkok from a different angle. Take a half-day bike tour called "Colors Bangkok" and see all parts of Bangkok for yourself.

Bangkok is the gateway to Thailand and much of Southeast Asia, which means you will be passing through Bangkok on your travels. Note: Bangkok is also home to some of the most popular tourist destinations in the region, such as Phuket International Airport. Hop on board Koh Chai Phraya, one of Thailand's most famous tourist attractions, and head south to Koh Samui, the capital of Cambodia.

If you have some spare time in Bangkok, you should take a trip to Ayutthaya, the former capital of the Kingdom of Siam. If you are interested in a more modern version of Ayuttaya, you can visit the Grand Palace of Bangkok for free at the Thai National Museum.

This half-day sightseeing tour includes some of the largest, which are large because it is the first museum in Thailand and is studded with many Thai cultural assets. If something is to your taste and budget, the best places in Bangkok will surely surprise you. There are a number of great museums in the city, from the Royal Palace of Bangkok to the Thai National Museum.

Treat yourself to a visit to the Thai National Museum, the Royal Palace of Bangkok and other great museums and attractions.

A visit to Bangkok would not be complete without the culinary delights of Thailand and there is no more fabulous way to do so than visiting Bangkok's Chinatown in the evening. If you are looking for local activities in Bangkok, you should look for the perfect way to spend an evening. A good starting point for visiting this site is Kanchanaburi and if you have spent a few days in Thailand, you can visit the area after you have already seen the main sights.

Bangkok is relatively easy to reach from Ching Chiang Mai and overall an exciting experience. The city of Bangkok offers a number of tourist attractions that could overwhelm you if you explore a number of pagodas and then finish your day tour with some delicious Thai dishes. Bangkok is a great place to explore Thailand further, with a visit to the temples, temples and temples in the city as well as some of the most popular tourist spots in Thailand.

One of the reasons Bangkok is so great is that there are so many attractions, including Wats, that tourists spend several weeks in Bangkok and still can't see everything. If you go to Bangkok at the weekend, you should definitely visit the famous Thai Food Court on the 3rd floor of Wat Chiang Mai. If you get tired of shopping, check out the food courts on the 3rd floor for more great street food in Bangkok. Overall, one of my best activities in Thailand is to go on a Thai street - on a food mission.

The show takes place every Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm and costs £1,500 and is held for a limited time at the Bangkok International Convention Centre, so check the official website for more information. Bangkok is a huge city and Thailand has much more to offer than Bangkok, but you can read more interesting places in Thailand here. Learn more about choosing the right area for your stay in Bangkok and choose the best accommodation for Bangkok travel tips. If you can't decide where to stay, check out this great post describing the various options for your stay in Bangkok and the surrounding area.

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